Besides to its natural beauty, Bali is also famous for its culture and handicraft products. If you visit Bali do not just buy souvenirs from supermarket or craft shops. Occasionally try to explore the villages of craftsmen in Bali and see the process of making it directly. The advantage you can see directly the process of manufacture, get the price of craftsmen and also can ask custom orders according to your wishes. Here are some craftsman villages that you must visit in Bali.

Bamboo furniture making in Bona GIanyar

1. Bona
Bona Village is located in Blahbatuh, Gianyar. The distance is about 28 km from Denpasar. The famous crafts from this village are Endek weaving, Silver and brass jewelry, bamboo furniture and also wicker bags. You can see directly the process of making endek cloth commonly used Balinese society in traditional ceremonies. They make it in people’s homes or in the endek craft centre. Endek cloth prices range from IDR 200 thousand upwards.

2. Sidemen
Sidemen is an area of ​​Karangasem regency, about 44 km from Denpasar. The village is famous for its songket and endek products. There are several weaving centers and more mother mothers weaving at home. Sidemen also has views of the terraces with majestic majestic mountains. Here they use natural dyes as well as factory dyes, we can order on demand. Songket prices range from IDR 700 thousand upwards.

Sidemen Village – Pelangi Workshop Songket & Ikat weaving

3. Celuk
Celuk is located in Gianyar Regency about 20 minutes from Denpasar. Celuk is a village whose the people  are dominantly working as silversmiths for many generations. They also own a festival called “Celuk village festival” that showcased their silver products. They also used to export goods abroad. You can also order your own designs for bangle, necklaces or rings.

Silversmith in Celuk, Gianyar.

4. Sesetan

Sesetan is located in Denpasar, the village is famous for hand fan, its production using computerized system so that the motive is not monotonous. The fan style begins with a traditional style with all the fan sheets carved, painted, to modern using laser techniques. Other fan modifications use endek woven fabrics and other fabrics according to the tastes of the buyer. Its products have been exported periodically to several cities overseas, such as London, Paris, Brisbane, Florida, Valencia, Tokyo, and Spain. Proud to have a local product that can be sent to the cities of fashion.

The crafstmen making hand fan in Sesetan, Denpasar-Bali

5. Muntigunung

It used to be a village that is known as a village of beggar and poor in Karangasem Bali. However, since the arrival of NGOs from overseas who help empower the community, this village is now produce woven swing baby, beach hammock, bali bag, woven lontar, mente and rosella flower tea. There are also being encouraged trekking program from muntigunung to the summit of Bukit Sari in Songan Kintamani with views of Mount and Lake Batur, Mt Agung, Lombok Island and Indian Ocean.

Hammock made in Muntigunug village


So what do you think? Hurry up prepare your suitcase and camera to visit this craftsmen villages in Bali.

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